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Plaistow and Ifold Parish Council

The Parish Council has developed this website in order to provide information about the villages and the work of the Parish Council. We hope that it will provide a valuable source of information and will help you to become involved in a wide range of village activities. We welcome your comments and suggestions and are pleased to include news and information concerning the village and surrounding area. If you have any suggestions for additional information please let us know by emailing clerk@plaistowandifold.org.uk.

Plaistow and Ifold Parish comprises the four villages of Plaistow, Ifold, Durfold Wood and Shillinglee, with a combined population of  1900 in the 2011 census, enjoying a picturesque location on the West Sussex border.

Update on on Crouchland Farm and Crouchland Bio Gas Ltd March 2017

The matter of the unauthorised expansion of the anaerobic digester plant at Crouchland Farm is finally being  considered at a public Planning Inquiry, to be held 25-28 April and 3-4 May at Brinsbury College, Pulborough.

See details below provided by  WSCC.

If  you have  made  representations  regarding  the retrospective application these will be considered by the Planning  Inspector, Ms Katie Peerless. The  Inquiry  arises from the refusal by WSCC of the retrospective planning  application made by  Crouchland  BioGas and the enforcement  action  taken  by  CDC. The Inquiry is public and  you  may  attend  on any  or all days of the Inquiry to follow the proceedings. The  Parish Council will be taking  full part with  legal  representation from our Barrister, Ms. Victoria Hutton, presenting the case for the joint Parish Councils of Kirdford  and Plaistow & Ifold.  We will be presenting our evidence and requesting that the Inspector dismisses the Appeal. WSCC and CDC will also be presenting their case. Crouchland BioGas will also present a case for their application.

The local residents action group  PORE will ask to make full representation at the Inquiry. As residents you may ask the Inspector to speak at the Inquiry, please see the guide reference below. In order that the Inquiry proceeds it would not serve for large numbers to speak and the Inspector will be keen to prevent continuous repetition of the same information. You may feel that the Parish Councils and  PORE have adequately  presented all the points you wish to make. However, your attendance at the Inquiry will demonstrate the level of concern within the Community and support for the actions  being taken by the Parish Councils. You may not be able to attend everyday but attendance at some of the proceedings will add weight. Should you still wish to speak then you will need to make a request to the Inspector at the start of the Inquiry.

We  will publish  the Parish  Council  case, once it is in the public domain,  for  you  to  read. We  will also  endeavour to give  a timetable of the proceedings  so  that  you may gauge when best to attend, but this may change with little notice as the proceedings move forward. Please do keep an eye on the Parish Council website and social media.


Click Here for Notice from WSCC re: Crouchland Farm Inquiry

Crouchland - New Community Telephone Number

Residents are requested to report issues or concerns about the Crouchland Biogas operation, such as noise, noxious gas, HGV movements, to the new 24-hour dedicated community number 01403 871504. Ask to speak to Paul Curtis, Group Operations Manager, or leave a message.

Crouchland Planning Inquiry - Directions and Parking



-      The Inquiry will be held at the Brinsbury Campus of Chichester College – postcode RH20 1DL, midway between Pulborough and Billingshurst on the A29.

-      The Inquiry will be held in the part of the campus to the east of the A29. It will be upstairs in the Conference Suite in ‘The Hub’. There will be signs directing everyone towards the building so hopefully it will be straightforward.





-      I attach a map of the campus on which I have noted the location of the Inquiry and suggested parking areas (note - the pointers relate to the whole area, not specific parking spaces). I have indicated ‘disabled parking’ on the area in front of the building as this is the closest access for anyone who will need to use the lift to get to the Inquiry room. The main entrance to the building is at the rear, via the ‘general’ parking area I have indicated.


-      Important: Could anyone parking at the site please display the attached permit. These must be printed in colour, with your car registration indicated. We will have spares printed off if you forget.